Behaviour Analyst Competency Sequence 

The courses in the sequence, BACS 101, BACS 102 & BACS 103 have combined 270 Hours of instructional content to gain the Competency. The BACS fulfills the content and coursework requirements for Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA) Qualified Behaviour Analyst (QBA) Course Competency AND International Behaviour Analysis Organization (IBAO) Required Educational Objectives (REO) for International Behaviour Analysts (IBA). The 36-week BACS program covers all the course topics required in the QBA Course Competency and IBAO REO for the IBA certification. This means that completion of all the courses within the BACS fulfills the required coursework for both the QBA and IBA. Students who pass all courses in BACS will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and Competency for each course in the sequence and for the entire program after finishing the sequence.

You are advised to read the documents about the QBA and IBA before starting the BACS to ensure that you meet the requirements for each credential. 

Courses are offered on a rolling basis, with Fall, Winter & Spring Terms.
BACS Calendar for 2023-2024
Fall Term starts on 10 September 2023
Winter Term starts on 7 January 2024
Spring Term starts on 7 April 2024
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Download the BACS Calendar & Competencies & Educational Objectives covered in the BACS

Behaviour Analyst Competency Sequence Courses

Enrolment closed for the Fall Term 2023. Winter Term 2024 enrolment starts on 4 December 2023. Winter Term is from 8 January to 31 March 2024.


Content Courses