Mar 8

IWD 2024: Inspire Inclusion

International Women's Day (IWD) 2024 focuses on 'Inspire Inclusion' for a better world. The theme highlights valuing women's inclusion to empower and motivate everyone. It also recognises the various intersections women are in and how these intersections become a variable to consider in any inclusion efforts. The goal of IWD is to embrace diversity in all areas to inspire inclusion, including race, age, ability, faith, body image, and identity.

IWD has a rich global history that celebrates women's equality—National Woman’s Day, proposed by Theresa Malkiel for garment workers, led to International Women’s Day on March 19, 1911. Today, millions worldwide celebrate IWD by supporting and advocating for women's rights. IWD is about activism to help women and celebrating the value of women on a global scale.

Everyone, at individual, organizational, or group levels, has a role in inspiring inclusion. Actions can involve supporting economic empowerment, diversity in talent development, and inclusion in leadership. Other areas to address include women's health, access to education, sports participation, and the arts. Together, we can create a more equitable and empowering world for women and girls, committing to inspiring inclusion and fighting for women's rights.

What intentional behaviours and actions can we engage in to support IWD causes and initiatives? Some of these are watching documentaries and historical films about the conditions of women globally, reading and knowing about success stories of women despite systemic challenges, taking action and supporting organizations that further the cause of women, supporting women-owned businesses, creating initiatives that support women’s positive health and well-being, and celebrate every woman! Amplify your support with these intentional behaviours this IWD and beyond.