Business Data Analytics

Leveraging Data for Evidence-Informed Decision Making and Efficient Workplaces 
What we offer

Microlearning Series, Resources & Online Trainings

We provide online live (synchronous) and self-directed (asynchronous) trainings for individuals, employees and organizational leaders.

Our aim is for you to learn about the basics of Business Data Analytics and use appropriate tools to structure data, learn data collection and use a variety of measurement systems to support your organizational analytics enterprise.  

Our trainings include: 
  • Consulting on Data Governance for ethical development and use of traditional and digital data curation tools, including the use of cyber tools and artifical intelligence.
  • Coaching, training and consulting on Business Data Analytics Structuring and Data Architecture to meet a variety of organizational needs.
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Microlearning Series 

Coaching and Consultations on
Business Data Analytics (online)

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