OBM Mentorship for Behaviour Analysts

 The OBM Academy’s Mentorship for Behaviour Analysts are offered for one year (12 months). 
What is included?

12 Synchronous 1:1 one hour meetings for Individual Mentoring (one meeting a month) * Unlimited Email Communications during the mentoring period or cycle *  Toolkits, Templates and Resources for Performance Measurement and other sub-areas of OBM. 
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Course overview
Online Mentorship Program that covers sub-areas of OBM as a sub-speciality of ABA.

Monthly supervision fees are US$100. When enrolling, you have the option to choose 'Pay Once' or the Installment Option at Checkout. 

Depending on your country of origin or location, to promote equity, we also offer a sliding scale supervision fee for Individual Mentorship for Behaviour Analysts. Please contact us for more information by scheduling a meeting here

The OBM Academy Mentorship Program for Behaviour Analysts

The OBM Academy’s Mentorship Programme for Behaviour Analysts is an online 12-month or 1-year mentorship that covers topics within the sub-areas of Organizational Behaviour Management as a sub-specialty of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), namely Performance Management of Employees, Behaviour-Based Safety for Employees and Staff, Behavioural Systems Analysis for Organizations, Values-based Consumer Behaviour Analysis for stakeholder engagement, Health and Wellness in the Workplace, Organizational Training and Development, and Leadership and Culture. The Mentorship Program consists of Synchronous or live consultations of one hour per month, offline or email discussions during the mentorship period or cycle and access to toolkits and resources.

Cultivating Behaviour-driven Leadership and Empowering Teams!

The Organizational Behaviour Management Academy (The OBM Academy) offers Individual Mentorship for Behaviour Analysts, that focuses on the critical aspects of Organizational Behaviour and Performance Management suitable for Individuals and Professionals who are in or aim to take Leadership Roles (Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, Behaviour Consultants, Senior Therapists, Supervising Therapists, Performance Management roles) in a variety of settings (clinical, educational and organizational).

Our program is designed to be practical. We recommend that Mentees have access to organizations, such as their workplaces or volunteer positions, to immediately apply what they learn.
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Synchronous Meetings

Please schedule your 1:1 Mentorship meetings here.
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