Feb 5

You need this! The Six Thinking Hats

It will be a fun and exciting day; you will decide on something meaningful for your organization or business. You are very enthusiastic about what lies ahead and the future. The possibilities that will come about after the decision is made are thrilling…. However, here you are, stuck with the process before arriving at a decision that you are about to make.

We make decisions every single day. Either for individual purposes or business decisions, both are validly huge as decisions have impacts on individuals and organizations. As business leaders, we make decisions that often have multiple and intersectional effects and influences on our team members' lives. Critical business decisions have implications for the workplace and even go beyond work-life.

With the welfare of the individual employees and the organization’s aims are paramount, making decisions needs to be multi-faceted, sometimes involving a 360-degree look to see what we cannot see and to consider what we might have missed. While many tools are helpful, there is one that we can use quickly and readily. You need this! The Six Thinking Hats.

What is the concept behind the Six Thinking Hats, and how is it applied?

Dr Edward de Bono authored The Six Thinking Hats in 2016, and the book introduced a method that facilitates group thinking to plan and execute collaborative thinking comprehensively by utilizing six metaphorical hats. Each hat represents different thinking styles. Individuals and groups can explore various perspectives and various angles involving decisions. There are Six Hats, and it is very stimulating to wear each one of them – not only does it allow you to spice up your outfit, but it also stirs some growth as you move from one perspective to another. Each hat indicates an exceptional approach: the white represents information, the red echoes emotions and intuition, the black is about critical judgment, the yellow is about positive thinking, the green is all about creativity, and the blue represents the overarching control of thinking processes involved in the process of coming up with a decision. The result expected in using these Six Thinking Hats is a consistent thought process that enables effective decision-making and significantly improves individual and collaborative group thinking.

Interested? Why don’t you give it a try? Download a copy and explore the tool. 
The Six Thinking Hats concept and method is one of the tools we use in Performance Management and Business Data Analytics.

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